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Dan Driver is a committed and experienced educator devoted to guiding individuals at various stages and levels of their artistic growth. With over 15 years of experience in education, Dan facilitates workshops providing a diverse array of sessions, such as:

  • Building the Space - Exploring site specific performers

  • Taking the moment - Improvisation and devising performance work

  • Moving I Talking I Living and Breathing - Developing character

  • Drama techniques for classroom teachers

Leveraging his extensive background as a drama instructor and educational leader, Dan has cultivated a broad spectrum of activities to lead performers through creative exploration and development.


Dan hosts workshops across all levels of education, in addition to providing personalised mentoring sessions for more experienced performers and theatre makers to support them in refining their skills and expanding their artistic boundaries. Furthermore, individual practitioners can work with Dan on a 1-1 basis by undertaking instructional and mentoring sessions via Zoom.

For updates on forthcoming workshops or to contact Dan regarding personalised mentorship and direction, kindly contact Dan here.

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